About L’Ami JAC

L’AMI means “The friend” in French. And JAC are the initiales of the full name of Jean-
Charles Alexandre Christian. L’AMI JAC puts all his efforts to favorise the meeting between
the littles producers in France who want to develop his sales abroad and the wine amateurs in the Uk who are looking for a good
value wine. You might smile when you read the slogan but this is actually the reflect of the
business model “French Quality, Scottish Price”.

L’AMI JAC LTD Borned in 2014 from the meeting between a French man, Jean-Charles Stiquel and a
Scottish man, Ian Irons. Epicurian as well, and amateur of the good wine and good Cognac, he has been very quickly
seduced by the business models.

The adventures started thanks to the Domaine Bayle-Carreau. For 35 years, the Grand
father of Jean-Charles used to drink the same table wine. And when he pass away, M.
Carreau has accepted to give us the exclusivity on the UK market to sell his wines.
Thanks to a very good quality price, the wines from the Domaine Bayle-Carreau will seduce
you very quickly. All of them used to receive an award in the different wine exhibition.

We aim to bring down the iron curtain between wine specialists and wine drinkers. We position ourselves as ambassadors of independent winemakers willing to share their art abroad. It is our strongest belief that wine is not a matter of how much you know or how much you spend but rather a matter of how much you are willing to share. Anyone can afford and enjoy wine if they are provided with good advice.

After a financial carreer, Jean-Charles decided to come back to the Uk, where he passed his
French baccaulaureat few years earlier to launch a new enteprenorial challenge around his
passion about wine.Grew up in an epicurean family with a grand mother who heritates the skills of her grand
mother, widow of the WW1 who benefit a training in the famous cooking school Les
Cordons Bleus thanks to the Legion d’Honneur.


Ian Irons is from Edimburg. After a carreer as a expert Comptabe, he launched a successful
business with the machine Decarboniser for the kitchen in the restaurants in London.

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  • Wine merchants
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