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This add-on allows you to easily register keybindings and macros with the keyboard. This allows you to map your desired key to execute macros, so you can type your desired sequence of keys to execute, and have it do exactly what you want it to do. What’s the difference between a Keybinding and a Macro? […]

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Keyboard Shortcuts: Zooming In – Press Ctrl+mousewheel Zooming Out – Press Ctrl+mousewheel Rotating Clockwise – Press Ctrl+Mousewheel + Left/Right Rotating Anti Clockwise – Press Ctrl+mousewheel + Left/Right Editing a photo – Press Ctrl+A Selecting a photo – Press Ctrl+A Slide Show – Press Ctrl+E Printing a photo – Press Ctrl+P Rotating a photo – Press […]

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PirateBrowser is based on Mozilla Firefox. The main functionality is focused on using proxies to get around blockades. The Internet and its content can be manipulated by the network administrators. For this reason, it is important to get around blockades of various sorts. PirateBrowser allows you to visit websites that are otherwise prohibited. The Internet […]