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You can configure your keyboard to automatically enter frequently used characters such as quotes, parentheses, accents, brackets, and so on. Just add special keys to the KEYMACRO using the program’s interface. This is a universal feature, regardless of the installed version of Microsoft Windows. You can import text data from various file types such as […]

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======================================================================== Get all the basic key strokes right-click copy, Get all the basic key strokes right-click paste. To change the default functions of those keystrokes, right click on the modifier keys and choose Modify. DOWNLOAD LINK: Visit the main page at: ======================================================================== A backup utility for all Ipod Classics, Classic, Titanium, Nano, 2G/3G and […]

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KEYMACRO is an open-source tool that allows Mac users to control iTunes from the keyboard. It adds a number of useful features to iTunes, including: – complete control of iTunes and all of its plug-ins from the keyboard (pause, play, forward, reverse, next track, previous track, etc.) – automatic music and video skipping – creation […]