Chilled red on the terrasse ? Yes!

Yes  ! We can enjoy a glass of red wine under the sun.

With this beautiful weather, it’s quite normal not to see a lot of red wine on the table. But, why don’t we change these habits? Indeed, some red wine can be a good alternative to rose or white. A few of them are more enjoyable when they are chilled, the heat can modify the taste of the wine. The wine can become more acidic and you can feel more of the alcohol.

According to Matt Pridgen, (sommelier), wine is alive, it changes according to the environment. The wine could have more tannins if the wine is served at around 18 °C, but some of them are better if they are served around 12 °C, (which is normally the temperature of the cellar).

The less alcohol and tannins in wine, the more you will enjoy it.

L’ami JAC offers you 1 red wine from Gaillac (in the South West) :














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