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Turn on or off the Flip3D effect by activating a corner of the screen.

Achieve a reaction area from 1×1 pixel to 33×33 pixels.

Define the activation delay time between 0ms and 1000ms.

Integrate FlipCorner into the system startup sequence.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I install Flip3D?

Download FlipCorner 1.0. The file is about 15 MB and can be saved anywhere on the PC or copied to a removable device, such as an external hard drive.

How do I configure Flip3D options?

Start FlipCorner. The configuration panel shows up as an icon in the taskbar notification area. Click it to launch the configuration panel.

How can I integrate FlipCorner into the system startup sequence?

Click the “Edit” button on the panel and select “Custom Startup,” or create a new shortcut. Navigate to the folder that contains FlipCorner.exe and edit the shortcut in the Startup tab.

Should I uninstall Flip3D before installing FlipCorner?

Not necessary, since the tool doesn’t modify any registry settings. Once you launch FlipCorner, you’ll notice that any configuration options are saved after each exit.

I don’t want to integrate Flip3D into the startup sequence. How can I disable it?

Go to the configuration panel and set “Leave Flip3D on” to “Never.”

How can I configure the delay time between activation and the window’s placement?

Click the “Edit” button on the panel and select “Preferences.” Navigate to the “Delay” section and modify the “Activation delay time” and “Window placement delay time” values.

I’ve launched FlipCorner, but the Flip3D effect doesn’t happen.

Turn off the mouse to exit and relaunch the software.


A taskbar icon for an instant activation of the Flip3D effect.

Small, easy to use and customizable configuration panel.

A simple-to-use application for quick and easy integration.


A taskbar icon with a tiny balloon message.

Modifies the system registry and does not integrate well with the taskbar notification area.


Simple, easy-to-use application.


Minimum system requirements 4f8c9c8613

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Allows you to rapidly browse your flashcards in a flexible way. It can be used to reorder, or not, the contents of your flashcards. If flashcards are in fixed position, it is not necessary to drag them to change the order. This allows you to focus on the most difficult flashcards and not waste your time on what you have already learnt.
* Order flashcards by drag and drop
* Drag and drop to reorder or to sort by difficulty
* Sort by difficulty to find the most difficult ones
* Sort by default
* Supports the use of the Keymacro-2 and the Advantage Display
* Supports the use of different languages
* Support system for the Mac OS
* Support system for the Windows
* Flashcards can be sorted by a third party
* Both cards and letters can be sorted
* Shows the alphabetical order and the alphabetical order (for Cyrillic languages)
* Optimized for the Mac and Windows
* Works with Unicode
* Can change the color of the texts of the letters (using Keymacro-2)
* Loads and saves different formats (The following formats are supported: CSV, TXT, XML, and HTML.)
* Allows you to use more than one language
* Supports insert spaces and special characters
* Supports the use of special characters (such as “$”)
* Support multi-line texts
* Auto-scroll
* Customizable grid
* Floating flashcard
* Allows you to customize the size of the window
* Manage flashcard sequence
* Allow multi-selection
* Support Unicode character type.
* Support from and google
(Version 1.0):
* The first release: 1 September 2016
* 2 November 2016: New version
* 22 November 2016: Bugfixes
* 29 April 2017: New version
* 27 May 2017: Bugfixes
(Version 2.0):
* 30 September 2017: New version
* 14 January 2018: New version
* 21 January 2018: Bugfixes
* 29 March 2018: New version
* 30 March 2018: Bugfixes
* 24 April 2018: New version
* 26 May 2018: Bugfixes
* 30 June 2018: New version
* 4 July 2018: Bugfixes
* 22 September 2018: New version
* 25 October 2018: Bugfixes
* 1 December 2018: New version
* 2 December 2018: Bugfixes
* 7 February

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