Sommelier’s Tip : Which wine with seafood ?

It’s rather common knowledge that seafood is best paired with white wine, but with the sheer variety of fish and wines available, picking the right wine to go with mussels or lobster can be daunting. Here are a few quick rules to help you create a flavoursome pairing. Most dry white wines will work well with seafood but it’s good to keep the weight and flavours of the dish in mind to ensure a perfect combination. For example a delicate fish such as seabass will pair well with a zesty Sauvignon Blanc, Sancerre or Picpoul de Pinet whose lightness, high acidity and minerality will naturally pair
well. For richer, meatier fish such as salmon or monkfish then pick a weightier wine oaked chardonnay, viognier or white Bordeaux.

If you’re not a white wine fan, some reds can make a good match too! Look at lighter, crisp styles of reds such as Grenache,  Syrah,  and Cinsault-based wines, while lighter styles of  Pinot Noir  will work well with poached  salmon, crab,  lobster and mussels.

If you’re in doubt don’t hesitate to ask L’Ami JAC for pairing recommendations!

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