Sanguis Christi 2008
Les Roques de Cana
Cahors (Causse) – South West


Sanguis Christi 2008
Domaine Les Roques de Cana


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The vineyard is one of the first vineyards planted after the Roman invasion of Gaul, more than 2000 years ago. Les Roques and the surrounding villages benefit from clay and limestone soils and ferruginous, among the richest in the world for very low yield and an of rich, fine and mineral soil. The terroir of Roques is today, without a doubt, the most famous of them. They studied over 5000 soil analysis carried out in Europe and the world. Following this, they made the choice of Cahors plateau for their vineyards.


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Les Roques de Cana
Cahors (Causse) – South West”

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