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Bachelor’s degree and applied master’s degree”. In the master’s program “Economics of Real Estate” the direction “Innovative Management” is distinguished. In the master’s program “Management in Commercial Real Estate” In the “Higher School of Agribusiness” (formerly “Baku Institute of Technology” ) there is a faculty “Institute of Agribusiness Management” (formerly was the Baku Agro-Industrial Institute), in the faculty “Real Estate Management” (Ukr: Ministry of Ministry of Technical Univercity “Mіnіzing, ecologіcal activities and economіcal systems”) there is a faculty of “Mіnіgmіnd-management”. The university created scientific and educational laboratories: “Cleantech”, “Drivers”, “Mentor”, “IndustrialCars”, “Hardware”, “Pharmaceutical”, “Navigation”, “Technology”, “MyDrive”, “Quality”, “Elementary”, “Integration”, and others. The university also produces experimental developments by orders of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In 2007 under the aegis of Azerbaijan Association for Development of Science and Technology (ARANT) the Interdisciplinary Centre on Economics and Management of Real Estate aimed at innovative development and management of real estate was founded. In 2008 the National Attestation Center was established, which made it possible to obtain licenses for issuing the “Bachelor in Commerce” qualification certificates. Within the walls of the university there are all the conditions necessary for research activities. The technical specialties are engineering, economics, physics, chemistry and biology, environmental engineering, radio engineering and electronics, telecommunications and information systems, mathematics and physics, computer science and computer engineering, construction, urban construction and economy, economics and management, logistics and transport.

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