Bachelor’s degree:

The duration of the degree is four years. Admission is based only on the results of the current diploma competition.


The term of study is 5 years, and a bachelor’s degree is awarded upon completion.

This system allows you to earn a master’s degree, while the bachelor’s degree is highly specialized and allows you to specialize only in a narrow field of study.

Master’s degree:

This option is the last option for college graduates who must then earn a specialist degree, but this is not possible for the college system.

Master’s degrees can be taken in either the national language or a foreign language. In the first case, students take an exam in the language of the university itself, and in the second case, the language of the master’s program itself. In addition, the institute can give an additional specialty.

As for the number of languages studied, in most cases it does not exceed two. During training, students can master several foreign languages and two foreign languages from the first year. Such training will enable students to improve their skills in the future, which will save a lot of money and time.

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In addition to learning the language, students study social studies, philosophy, political science and a number of other disciplines.

Master’s Degree:

A master’s degree is usually a graduate of a higher education institution. This time he had to appear before a commission, which includes not only representatives of universities, but also experts. This approach ensures objectivity and impartiality.

Thus, the effectiveness of education depends on the master’s degree. This measure is designed to encourage students to master the required skills as quickly as possible. It also improves graduates’ self-esteem.

Universities and other educational institutions:

Immediately we would like to note that it is not so bad to study in universities in St. Petersburg. At least the knowledge gained in university classrooms can always be taken away in your own head.

The only thing you’ll have to understand at interviews are some nuances. For example, many employers do not like their subordinates with higher education to hold higher positions than they do. As a rule, this prejudice has one source: a high school diploma. They may also refuse to hire someone with a graduate degree if his or her research is not yet complete.

Of course, jobs are often scheduled after an interview. Sometimes it takes more than a week or even a month to go through this process.

If the university does not require a diploma, no one has cancelled the exchanges.

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