Sommelier tip’s : How to keep an open bottle of wine?

How to keep an open bottle of wine?

Keeping a wine after it has been opened is always a delicate matter. However, there are simple and effective tricks to maximize the expectancy life of an opened bottle.

First of all, any open bottle should be re-capped as soon as possible after serving to limit the amount of air entering the bottle. Indeed, the air that takes the place of the volume of wine served will oxidize the rest of the bottle.

The less wine left in the bottle, the more air there is and therefore the expectancy life is reduced.

In addition, temperature also plays a major role in oxidation. Indeed, it is best to avoid storing your wine in an environment where the temperature exceeds 15 °C. The best course of action is to keep an open bottle in the fridge in order to guarantee a suitable temperature but also darkness. Indeed, light is harmful for your wine because it contributes to oxidation. A cupboard or the fridge as said before can be a good solution.

There are other methods to extend the life of your wine once opened. Systems such as air pumps to empty the bottle and maximize conservation. These systems are relatively cheap (about £10) and are a great alternative to other more expensive systems.


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