What’s going on ?

Bordeaux is facing an important crisis due to a number of factors that is causing a 12% drop in sales for the 2018-2019 campaign. Indeed, the geopolitical situation places Bordeaux wines in second place on the Chinese market due to customs agreements concerning Chilean and Australian wines, which have become more attractive. The American market, which has been growing until now, has been impacted by the 25% surtax on European still wines below 14 ° introduced by the Trump administration since mid-October.
French social movements have also been disrupting the sector for several months now with disruptions to road infrastructures and numerous strikes. Consumption habits are also changing. Indeed, wine is now mainly consumed as an aperitif, which
creates an important demand for white and rosé wines, but also for sparkling wines. Red wine is also traditionally the ally of red meat. However, red meat is also at the heart of the turmoil with various scandals. Finally, the trend is towards vegetarianism and eating less but better, which also influences wine consumption.

In an attempt to curb this crisis, Bernard Farges, who chairs the Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB), recommends regulating supply in order to stimulate renewed interest in Bordeaux wines and reduce the gap between the quantities produced and the quantities sold. It is also necessary to be represented by different actors in the sector (restaurants, supermarkets, sommeliers, wine merchants and influencers) in order to ensure good visibility. Another lever of communication and visibility for Bordeaux wines, the Saint-Vincent Tour is a two-day festival (January 24th and 25th) that allows winegrowers, merchants and brokers to promote their products at the point of sale of their choice, anywhere in France. The idea is to develop this event and make it a world-famous festival, in the style of Saint Patrick’s Day. Bordeaux wines experiencing a crisis, but the sector is not letting up and are doing everything possible to ensure that their know-how continues to be known throughout the world.

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