Sommelier tip’s : What Temperature should you serve your wine ?

Your wine need to be served at the right temperature to get the full benefit of your wine.

A temperature too cold will increase the sensation of acidity, making the tannins hard and unpleasant (for red wines) and block the aromas.
A temperature too high will increase the sensation of alcohol,   making the wines warm, unpleasant for tasting.

  • The temperature of the fridge   (5 °C) is not good for serving white wine
  • The room temperature   (20 °C – 22 °C)   is not good for serving red wine
  • It is always better to serve a wine too cold than too hot because it is easier to bring it up the temperature.
  • Whatever the type of wine (Champagne, white white, red wine or sweet…), Un Grand Vin (Champagne millesimé or prestive, Grand Cru ) will be served always a little bit warmer than normal.  
Type of Wine Temperature
Champagne, Sparkling Wine 9-11 °C
Dry White with freshness (Loire, Alsace, Chablis…)   9-11 °C
Full Bodied White Wine (Burgundy, Rhone, South West) 11-14 °C
Rose Wine 9-11 °C
Medium Bodied   (light tanins and low in alcool  : Loire, Alsace, Burgundy…) 14-16 °C
Full Bodied wine (Bordeaux, Sud-Ouest, Rhône…) 17-18 °C
Sweet Wine (Beaumes de Venise,   Sauternes) 9-11 °C



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