To detect a corcked wine ? Nothing more simple! It is enough to get back the cork of the bottle that you have just uncorked and just smell the part which was in touch with the wine.
If the latter smells slightly the cork, then the bottle is probably corcked. You can also serve the wine in a glass and smell it, or even taste it, because these methods also allow to locate the presence of cork.

Why a bottle is corked ?  
The cork of corks come from barks of tree. If the tree in question is affected by this disease, it also affected the cork, as well as the bottle in which it is.

Few wines deserve to be release their aromas before being tasted. You can try yourself the experience : open a bottle, get a drink of wine and smell it.  
Shake the glass, then smell it again. If you notice a greater presence of the aromas, it means that it’s better to put in a decanter. For that purpose, arm yourselves with a very flared decanter, so that the wine can get oxygenated and free a maximum of aromas.

Take the wine bottle and pour it inside. The wine is then going to pour on both sides of the decanter. Once the ended bottle, you will notice that the disk of the wine is wider, because less cramped than in the bottle, and thus more oxygenated. You do not have more than to serve to you a drink. Cheers!