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Bayle-Carreau is a wine producer in Blaye-Côtes de Bordeaux (Château Barbé, Château Pardaillan, Château La Carelle) and in Côtes de Bourg (Châteaux Eyquem and Château Landreau).  The vineyard outputs a comprehensive range of wines in this region of Bordeaux. Its wines are frequently rewarded in national and international competitions. They distribute 70% of the production in France, 10% in Europe and 20% in China. Export is on the increase thanks to the excellent value for money.  


  • History

Mr. Bielle-Navarre settled in the Bordeaux region in the  1900s and began to produce wine shortly thereafter. He went on sales trips to Normandy in order to sell and promote his wine and created a nucleus of loyal customers who welcomed him year after year.  Vignobles Bayle Carreau, côtes de Bourg - Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux
Fortunately, his children showed an interest in the family vineyard and after the First World War he decided to divide his clientele between his son and his daughter (Madame André Bayle), whose husband was also a wine grower. His son-in-law perpetuated the system of direct sales to private customers and introduced them to Château La Carelle, increasing his customer base thanks to his many contacts and their friends. At the time, orders were placed orally and customers were considered part of the family. He inspired a great deal of confidence and friendship wherever he went.

Vignobles Bayle Carreau, côtes de Bourg - Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux

In 1952, his only daughter married Claude Carreau, a winegrower from the neighboring village of Cars. Like his father-in-law before him, he travelled to Normandy to sell wine, and added his own wine, Château Barbé to the portfolio.
When M. Bayle died in 1956, Claude Carreau took over the management of the business.
Thanks to his enthusiasm, he significantly increased the number of consumers and also expanded the vineyard. Starting in 1975 by his son, Xavier Carreau, and his son in- law Alain Jourdan joined him in the business.
The trio now runs the family business, which was named Vignobles Bayle-Carreau. Although each expert on their own field, all are fervent sponsors of the family business in the Normandy region perpetuating the inherited tradition of instilling confidence and friendship among their customers.

In 2000, Cyril Jourdan, a trained oenologist, joined the family business. He represents the 5th generation to produce and sell wine in every corner of Normandy.

Today, M. Claude Carreau has retired, but still provides support and advice to his children. His descendants Xavier Carreau, Alain Jourdan and Cyril Jourdan work on the 5 properties.