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Blanville is the story of a dream which became reality

Since 1997, when Béatrice and Bernard Nivollet decided to make their dream of becoming vignerons a reality, this family estate has enjoyed an extraordinary adventure. Located close to Montpellier, they have been creating and crafting wines which reveal the exceptional diversity of the terroirs of the Languedoc. Over the past twenty years, they have rigorously selected individual plots or parcels of land, the grapes from which are vinified separately, parcel by parcel.

The Story

The adventure started in 1995, when Béatrice and Bernard Nivolet decided to start a new life and become wine producers. They relocated from Paris to the Languedoc region with which we had fallen head over heels in love.

Educated by the Burgundy model of “Climats”, they dreamed of crafting single parcel wines. Captivated by the beauty and variety of terroirs around Pézenas, a 16th Century village near to Montpellier, this is where they decided to settle. To make their dream come true, they decided in 1995 not to buy an existing Domaine but rather to create their own Wine Estate, parcel by parcel, to create single parcel wines, from vine to bottle.

It took them 2 years to identify a first set of parcels, so their wine venture started in late 1997 and the first vintage of Château Haut-Blanville is 1998 (2 stars at the Guide Hachette).

Today, Château Haut-Blanville is the outcome of 20 years  of investment and work of a beautiful team to give our vision of origin a tangible reality by proposing a selection of cuvées revealing the personality and diversity of the terroirs of vineyards of Château Haut-Blanville.


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