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Use KEYMACRO when the webpage is a shared document.KEYMACRO retrieves the text content from the webpage. It also includes the title of the page. NetUtils Description: NetUtils does advanced network programming. It can do detailed checks on the network, send packets, redirect, create sockets and execute shell scripts. It can find connected hosts and passwords. […]

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KEYMACRO helps you speed up your work by adding several macro commands to your software. You can use it to execute a series of instructions within your software without having to click several times. In this way, you can speed up your work and save precious time and energy.  The macro commands appear as a […]

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* KEYMACRO “Start Action” * KEYMACRO “Move Modifier” * KEYMACRO “Ripple Effect” * KEYMACRO “Scraping Effect” * KEYMACRO “Zoom Effect” * KEYMACRO “Distort Effect” * KEYMACRO “Thin Highlight” * KEYMACRO “Crop” * KEYMACRO “Normalise” * KEYMACRO “Glow Effect” * KEYMACRO “Sky Enhancer Effect” * KEYMACRO “Nice Sepia Effect” * KEYMACRO “Bloom Effect” * KEYMACRO “Move […]