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This add-on allows you to easily register keybindings and macros with the keyboard. This allows you to map your desired key to execute macros, so you can type your desired sequence of keys to execute, and have it do exactly what you want it to do. What’s the difference between a Keybinding and a Macro? […]

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Like a touch screen, KEYMACRO allows you to easily map your keyboard keys and easily select and paste content on your keyboard. But whereas the KEYMACRO software is developed with the Mac OS X system in mind, it actually works with Windows, too. Moreover, it is compatible with nearly any other software out there, since […]

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Keymacro Password Recovery is the easiest utility for retrieving a lost password. It is designed to help you retrieve lost passwords on most Windows based computers. Simply run this program on the PC where you want to recover the lost password and it will search all the computers to find the password or contact the […]