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* Automatic creation of keys * Ability to assign shortcuts * Creation of images, bitmaps and hyperlinks in the files * Easy access to any path on the system * Free, easy to install, easy to use, high speed, good performance Create your own animated GIFs in a matter of seconds. Just select a template, […]

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KEYMACRO is a network configuration tool that can be used to view and manage network profiles on the local computer or workgroup computers. Its interface is clean and intuitive. Features: Simple to use. Easy to setup. Selected config file displayed. Mounted drive map displayed. Disabled adapters and running services displayed. User created profiles. User created […]

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#JMathPlot Properties# # $vars – Variables to be used in the expressions. # # $labels – List of labels to be used in the $vars. # # $xmin – The minimal value to be used as $x axis minimum. # # $xmax – The maximal value to be used as $x axis maximum. # # […]