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Château Famaey is first and foremost the story of Luc and Marc, two brave Belgian childhood friends sharing the same dream: producing a wine from a rich terroir in the magnificent region of Cahors. In 2001, their dream came true when they became owners of this 40-hectare vineyard located in Puy l’Evêque, on the sunny terraces of the Lot Valley. Maarten, Luc’s son, to whom the paternal passion was transmitted, joined the team in 2003 to become winemaker. He heart of the Cahors appellation, the estate spreads on 40 hectares of vines, located on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd terraces of the Lot Valley.

The vineyard benefits from an exceptional terroir of clay and gravel and an abundance of sun rays. The plots in the 1st terrace are used to produce our IGP Côtes du Lot wines while the plots of the 2nd and 3rd terraces, thanks to a more complex terroir, are perfects for the production of our Cahors wines. Here, the Malbec, the historical grape of the appellation, expresses all its qualities. Constant care of the vines and respect for nature are the pillars of our cultivation methods and we carefully control our yields to produce a rich, honest and authentic grape. The best parcels of the vineyard are harvested manually, making the harvest a traditional annual celebration.

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