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A little vineyard amongst the prestigious names

The Château La Ganne has been exploited for four generations by the dubois-Lachaud family who have endeavoured to enhance their terroir with passion. Nowadays, Paule and Michel work hard to ensure continuity.

With its 750 ha, Pomerol is considered as one of the smallest appellations in Gironde in terms of area but as one of the most famous in terms of quality.



The Vineyard

Situated in the south west of Pomerol, the Château La Ganne is an average property of 4 ha .

An appellation that could make a wine lover out of anyone.

Composed of a topsoil made up of grave land sandy deposits and a subsoil rich in « crasse de fer », the soil has a fascinating geological composition that gives our wine its exceptional velvety tannins and its delicate aromas.

Their vineyards are traditionally ploughed carefully respecting the nature of the terroir and of the plant. This respect of the environment leads them to culture their whole vineyard sensibly. Merlot vines, the king of Pomerol, accounts for 90 percent of vines planted while the last 10 percent planted are Cabernet Franc.

Here the harvests are done manually and a vibrating table MISTRAL accelerates and levels the harvest : berries and waste acquire then different trajectories ; efficient system to purify the harvest.



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