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In 1259, two noblemen, the brothers Jean and Guilhaume de la Roque, became owners of the land and grew vines on the slopes of the hill which sheltered le Nanse (a farm).

In 1426, Firmin de La Roque acquired a glass works on the Couloubrine site, in the name of his family. He then brought a new dimension to the vine growing tradition: “the marriage between glass and wine”. This new dynasty of the “de La Roques of Couloubrine” ruled over the estate until the end of the 17th century.

A line of wine-growers have continued, until nowadays, to cultivate on this terroir those beautiful ripe fruits which give the wines of Château La Roque their unique character.

The geological base of the terroir of Château La Roque is a marly-limestone substrate with a dip between 45 and 90 °. The soils situated above this substrate have layers of between 50 cm and 1 m. They are divided into three types.