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This family estate, registered in sustainable development, is treading new ground. They use modern winemaking techniques and they are working very meticulous. This, added to a harvest grapes to optimum maturity, allows the creation of great wines qualities. Over time, Château Tour Bicheau has become a favorite of amateurs Graves.

The history of Château Tour Bicheau begins in 1876, when flat-bottomed river barges were used to deliver the local stone which would become the Château’s famous tower.
Five generations of winemakers have worked this land, adhering to a simple philosophy: great wines come from great grapes.  Rigorous attention to details and constant technical evolution have established the outstanding reputation that Château Tour Bicheau enjoys among wine-lovers all over the world.

The vineyard is located on the Haut Portets plateau, a much-coveted gravel outcrop which produces some of the region’s most refined and prestigious wines.
The vines are tended almost entirely by hand, with binding, two rounds of branch selection, leaf-thinning and selective harvests. The winemaking facilities include a cutting-edge vat room and traditional barrel cellar.
The winemakers work with the utmost respect for tradition, enhancing these processes with modern oenological techniques where required.