Les Jamelles


The Range

In the early 1990s, when they were young winemakers, Catherine and Laurent Delaunay would find themselves imagining a range of pleasure-bent, delectable, aromatic and flavourful wines that would speak the universal language of their varietals and be accessible to all wine lovers, whether they be neophytes or connoisseurs. This range would be named Les Jamelles: a feminine name, to evoke the roundness of their wines, in the plural form to reflect the diversity of the varietals, and melodious to recall their roots in the Languedoc, land of the troubadours.

Today, Les Jamelles wines make up one of the largest collections of varietal wines from the south of France and are enjoyed in over 40 countries. They are renowned for their exceptional value for the money and pleasure factor, their wide appeal, and the fact that they can be enjoyed on all occasions.


The Winery

Catherine and Laurent Delaunay own and operate out of their ultra-modern winery, located in the Corbières region. This former wine cooperative in the small winegrowing village of Monze, at the foot of Mount Alaric, was enlarged and completely renovated in 2015 to become a winery devoted to the production of Les Jamelles wines.

Catherine Delaunay and her team of 7 oenologists-winemakers therefore have the most efficient means at their disposal for the crafting of Les Jamelles wines.




Enjoy the benefits