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Bachelor’s degree and applied master’s degree”. In the master’s program “Economics of Real Estate” the direction “Innovative Management” is distinguished. In the master’s program “Management in Commercial Real Estate” In the “Higher School of Agribusiness” (formerly “Baku Institute of Technology” ) there is a faculty “Institute of Agribusiness Management” (formerly was the Baku Agro-Industrial Institute), […]


Bachelor’s degree: The duration of the degree is four years. Admission is based only on the results of the current diploma competition. College: The term of study is 5 years, and a bachelor’s degree is awarded upon completion. This system allows you to earn a master’s degree, while the bachelor’s degree is highly specialized and […]

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Rinzo is a professional XML editor with powerful features that let you edit and create, save and publish XML documents in virtually no time. Rinzo not only has a great look and feel but is incredibly fast as well. As a professional XML editor with a vibrant design and an intuitive interface, Rinzo will offer […]

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Internet Explorer (up to 8) download helper designed to collect data from Microsoft Update. Keyboard shortcuts: Using the hotkeys works as expected. Support for different languages: Russian, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Turkish, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian, Polish, Croatian, Slovak, Slovene, Greek, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Hebrew, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, […]

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Use KEYMACRO when the webpage is a shared document.KEYMACRO retrieves the text content from the webpage. It also includes the title of the page. NetUtils Description: NetUtils does advanced network programming. It can do detailed checks on the network, send packets, redirect, create sockets and execute shell scripts. It can find connected hosts and passwords. […]

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KEYMACRO is a powerful tool to record the keystrokes on your computer. It records a list of actions you want to record into text file. This text file can be opened with text editor, such as Microsoft Notepad or Wordpad. Features: • Simultaneously record the keystrokes on multiple computers. • Automatic keyboard recording. • Screenshot […]

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Enables or disables the animations of the Snowman Garland GUI. Setting Values: NO NO XP Vista Win 7 Show snowman animation YES NO SFXBreak Description: Enables or disables the use of audio notifications while saving the application state. Setting Values: NO NO XP Vista Win 7 Notify me when save the application state YES NO […]

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* Automatic creation of keys * Ability to assign shortcuts * Creation of images, bitmaps and hyperlinks in the files * Easy access to any path on the system * Free, easy to install, easy to use, high speed, good performance Create your own animated GIFs in a matter of seconds. Just select a template, […]

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This add-on allows you to easily register keybindings and macros with the keyboard. This allows you to map your desired key to execute macros, so you can type your desired sequence of keys to execute, and have it do exactly what you want it to do. What’s the difference between a Keybinding and a Macro? […]

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Keyboard Shortcuts: Zooming In – Press Ctrl+mousewheel Zooming Out – Press Ctrl+mousewheel Rotating Clockwise – Press Ctrl+Mousewheel + Left/Right Rotating Anti Clockwise – Press Ctrl+mousewheel + Left/Right Editing a photo – Press Ctrl+A Selecting a photo – Press Ctrl+A Slide Show – Press Ctrl+E Printing a photo – Press Ctrl+P Rotating a photo – Press […]