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The cooperative winery of Correns was born in 1935. Its territory extends from the Argens valley, passes through the outskirts of the village, to go stretch towards the most narrow plateaus at the foot of the Mount Bessillon. There are 30 members and ten of them are making a living from viticulture. Formerly called “L’Amicale”,  the winery was competing with the second winery of the village known as “Fraternal”. This quarrel ceased in post-war, and it led to the merger of these two former rivals. The work of the winemakers, which has long been focused on the quality and improving of their products, combines perfectly with the approach of organic farming which has been set up since 1998.

We own 150 hectares of vineyards planted on a late maturing territory that is conducive to the production of white wine. The plots made of tufa limestone around the village provide with the best vats in fact they benefit from a microclimate at the foot of the Bessillon mountain. While the clay-limestone plots along the river give a typicality that enables a variation of the blends and the expansion of the range of wine.

Our current objective being to highlight the three wine colours, Correns’ white wine however still retains its place of importance. The cooperative winery and several neighbouring vineyards gathered together in order to promote white wine and organic farming.